SPS – Surface Protection System

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Our solutions for long-lasting beautiful leather

Leather is a true natural product. Without leather treatment, unattractive signs of wear can appear on leather surfaces from long-term use. Especially light leather can quickly show contaminations. Our SPS finish counters this problem as it improves both soiling characteristics and the cleanability of our leather.

Permanent soiling resistance

Our surface protection system significantly reduces the soiling susceptibility of leather. Conventional anti-soiling equipment available on the market is applied subsequently to the finished surface. With daily use this protective layer quickly loses its effectiveness. Our SPS, on the other hand, is directly integrated in the leather and guarantees long-term leather protection – subsequent impregnation is not necessary.

Improved cleanability

Leather that is equipped with our SPS finish can be cleaned much more easily than conventional leather. Be it coffee spills, various food stains or pen markings – all these contaminations can be cleaned easily with virtually no residue.

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