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Even above the clouds, we provide unique comfort for passengers with our lightweight leather. Aviation leather poses numerous challenges with respect to development and manufacturing. At Wollsdorf Leather, we take on the entire production process – from the untreated rawhide to the prefabricated aircraft leather seat cover. We operate in a sense like a one-stop shop as we provide individual leather variations, cut leather parts, sewn seat coverings as well as prefabricated and certified components for our customers. Here as well, virtually no limits are imposed with respect to desired materials, surfaces, haptics and colours. Our Ambassador stock programme for aviation area includes more than 30 leather colours, which are also available at short notice and in small quantities.

Certified quality aviation leather for our aircraft seats

For many years, both international airlines as well as manufacturers of small private planes have relied on our premium light leather for aircraft. No matter whether sophisticated and durable or exclusive and refined leather – customers can feel the quality in all our leather products. We have been certified since 2007 according to EN 9100.

Good to know: LIGHTWEIGHT leather, flame retardant and much more

Did you know that you can save money with our lightweight leather? Based on Wollsdorf’s patented production procedures, we are able to produce aircraft leather that is about 40% lighter than conventional aviation leather. Airlines are thereby able to save considerable amounts of fuel due to the resulting weight reduction of aviation leather seats.

Especially leather for airlines is subject to consistent wear and should also not lose its lustre over time. Thus, our Amba Eco (FOC) leather, which was developed specifically for aircraft seat covers, has been equipped with SPS finish in order to improve the leather’s soiling characteristics and alleviate the cleaning process – and all this without subsequent embossing over the entire service life of the aviation leather.

Let us not forget about the most important factor: safety. Safety is of paramount importance when travelling high above the clouds, which is why all our leather coverings are equipped with a flame retardant to reduce combustibility.

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We accept responsibility for us and for future generations.

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Unique results due to the pursuit of new methods

Wollsdorf offers a wide range of proven services and products that our customers have relied on for many years. Moreover, our research and development centre is constantly developing innovative surface materials and alternative manufacturing processes. We develop surface solutions for the future together with our customers and partners.

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