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Our expertise during leather production is palpable

For more than 80 years we have been working with leather as we make this natural product available to our customers. We manage every individual step in the value chain – from tanning as one of the oldest cultural achievements in the history of mankind to cutting all the way to sewing prefabricated leather parts.

Over the years we have expanded our leather production in Austria with further production and sales sites in Croatia, the US, Mexico, Uruguay and China. We were able to optimise the entire process – from the delivery of raw materials to prefabricated products.

We are by no means satisfied with providing average services and are always striving to get the most out of our natural leather products. Wollsdorf Leather is characterised by this passion and drive, which we invest in each of our products and our customers appreciate this dedication.

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Natural product leather

Of course, the hides of cattle constitute the basis of our leather products. The art of leather-making requires comprehensive expertise and up to 160 manufacturing steps in order to turn the perishable rawhide into a resilient leather product. At Wollsdorf, we combine our long-standing experience over decades with highly advanced manufacturing processes and traditional craftsmanship. This allows us to create expertly processed products with a long lifespan that look and feel great and are available in a wide variety of colours.

And yet, there is no such thing as perfect leather since it would otherwise not be a natural product. Thus, the art of leather-making also consists in bringing the benefits of the raw material to bear and creating high-quality leather from this raw material.

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Animal welfare as a priority

Just as every human being, each animal also has its own unique life story. Each bovine hide reflects the living environment and experiences of the animal over the course of its life. Living circumstances such as feed, care and the number of birthed calves leave behind traces on the hides of animals just like a seal of nature. Each animal and therefore each hide is unique.

Only high-quality leather brings out the best characteristics of leather, which is why we conscientiously insist on species-appropriate animal husbandry and the consistent fulfilment of ecological procurement criteria when selecting our suppliers. Only hides from healthy and uninjured animals can be processed into premium leather and other products.

By the way, none of the animals used by Wollsdorf for leather production are butchered on account of their hides as the rawhides are a by-product of the meat and milk industry. Thus, leather manufacturing is a perfect example of upcycling whereby otherwise superfluous materials, i.e. the hides of animals, are processed into sustainable and valuable products.

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