The 5 elements of Wollsdorf

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5 sustainable elements.
5 central goals in 5 years.

No to emissions

Further transition to renewable energy

Since 2012 we are exclusively relying on electricity from renewable sources. In the future, we are planning to gradually reduce our use of natural gas and transition to energy from renewable resources.

No to water wastage

Natural water cycle and waste water treatment

No water is wasted. At the Wollsdorf site, all waste water is treated and purified in an elaborate process and reintroduced into the natural water cycle. We are reducing our water consumption through process optimisations and recycling and aim to achieve a reduction to 70% by 2027.(Basis: as of 2015)

No to oil-based chemicals

Advancing the use of clean renewable resources

Wollsdorf is working on sustainable projects with its suppliers. Chemicals that are partially based on renewable resources are increasingly being used in the production process. Currently the share of renewable resources is 27%, which is to be increased to 50% by 2027.

No to waste

Recycling, upcycling or thermal utilisation, no waste disposal

Wollsdorf does not dispose of any waste. Waste materials are recycled, thermally utilised, harnessed for energy recovery or upcycled. We aim to further reduce our waste amounts through research projects conducted together with our partners in the area of biodegradability as well as through new technologies and process modifications.

Yes to coexisting with all living species

Wollsdorf social standards

Not only is Wollsdorf fully committed to maintaining minimum standards. Wollsdorf standards go beyond minimum requirements and extend to all our employees and suppliers at all sites. This also concerns our support of regional social projects or our deforestation-free sourcing to protect the rainforest. Projects such as the Wollsdorf Academy, the promotion of compatibility of family and career as well as issues related to animal welfare are ongoing.

To be part of

Corporate Social

We accept responsibility for us and for future generations.

  • We live out social, economic and ecological responsibility in
    our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • We demonstrate responsibility toward society
    and continually improve our operating procedures.
  • This basic principle is also reflected in our vision
    and mission statement as well as in our values.
  • Wollsdorf’s CSR concept is based on the five areas of
    organisation, workplace, market, environment and society.
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