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What advantages does leather offer compared to other materials?
Leather is a high-quality natural product that fits in with the trend toward natural materials. Each piece of leather is unique as no animal hide is the same as another. Premium exclusive leather is skin-friendly and easy to clean since dust and other contamination cannot permeate the surface material. The natural breathability of the hide is preserved in leather as an essential quality characteristic.


What types and colours of leather are produced at Wollsdorf?
We manufacture leather for the most varied areas ranging from leather for the aviation and automotive industry to the interior all the way to railway and boat leather. Depending on the required leather application, you can choose from numerous colours and leather types. An overview of our varied offers and stock programme is available in the products section.


In which countries is Wollsdorf represented?
Our headquarters are located in the Styrian town of Wollsdorf in Austria and we also operate other production and sales sites in Croatia, the US, Mexico, Uruguay and China. We also collaborate with our worldwide cooperation partners in order to support our customers on-site.


How does Wollsdorf differ from the competition?
Wollsdorf is the technology and market leader in the area of steering wheel leather. Moreover, our customers benefit from our long-standing experience over decades, our professional consultation services, flexible and on-time order processing and our comprehensive customer support.


From where does Wollsdorf source its raw materials?
The starting point for all our activities is a purely natural product: the hides of cattle. With regard to the selection of our suppliers, we are especially mindful of ecological procurement criteria and species-appropriate animal husbandry. It must be noted that Wollsdorf only procures hides from healthy and uninjured animals since only these hides can be processed into qualitatively valuable leather.


Are animals butchered for leather production?
Not a single animal is killed in order to produce our leather. Hides used by Wollsdorf are ultimately by-products of the meat and milk industry from which we produce sustainable and valuable products. Thus, leather manufacturing is a good example of upcycling as we use raw materials that would otherwise be discarded.


Does Wollsdorf’s production process burden the environment?
At Wollsdorf, we always act responsibly in regard to our environment. For this reason, we have made it our mission to produce our goods with minimal environmental pollution. Responsible environmental conduct and conservation of our valuable resources are especially important for the following generations. We ensure compliance with our standards on a daily basis as we are also the holder of numerous environmental certificates.

Corporate Social

We accept responsibility for us and for future generations.

  • We live out social, economic and ecological responsibility in
    our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • We demonstrate responsibility toward society
    and continually improve our operating procedures.
  • This basic principle is also reflected in our vision
    and mission statement as well as in our values.
  • Wollsdorf’s CSR concept is based on the five areas of
    organisation, workplace, market, environment and society.
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