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“CSR is not about how you spend the money you make.
It is about how you make the money you spend.”

Kellie McElhaney, Dir. of Center for Responsible Business (University of California)


For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means consistently living out social, economic and ecological principles in our interactions with our employees, customers and suppliers as we accept our responsibility for society and its further advancement. This basic principle is also reflected in our vision and mission statement as well as in our values. The CSR concept of Wollsdorf is based on the five areas of organisation, workplace, market, environment and society.


We take responsibility

We are all part of this world and therefore we are all responsible for the way we live both presently and in the future. Wollsdorf lives up to this responsibility by implementing social, economic and ecological measures that exceed minimum legal stipulations – worldwide. CSR measures are not only implemented throughout our entire value chain but also exemplified in our behavioural and ethics code for employees.

Our CSR Policy


Focus on people

Wollsdorf is able to provide secure workplaces and a pleasant work atmosphere for many people around the world. Our occupational health and safety management ensures a secure work environment and supports employees, also in regard to health matters. Moreover, the Wollsdorf Academy also promotes training and further training.


Good business relationships as the basis

We perceive good cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers as a precondition for long-term successful business relationships. Moreover, good cooperation also provides a continuous exchange and build-up of knowledge as well as the basis for joint developments. Our quality management ensures compliance with continuously increasing quality standards for all organisational and technical areas.


Focus on the future

We are focussed on environmental protection, sustainable products and animal welfare. Responsible usage of resources and the protection of all living beings are of central importance for the present and for future generations. As the first European leather manufacturer, Wollsdorf received the quality certificate EN ISO 9001 in 1993 and the Environmental Certificate EN ISO 14001 in 1998.

Our certificatesOur environmental policy


Focus on the world

Among other things, Wollsdorf demonstrates its responsibility toward society by advancing local social projects for children and youth while also creating and securing workplaces. We especially emphasise training and cooperation with schools, universities of applied sciences and universities. Contacts with local representatives and institutions as well as with various NGOs ensure a consistent exchange of information.

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