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Solutions for the automotive, upholstery and aircraft industries

At Wollsdorf, we specialise in the worldwide production of premium leather as well as in innovative plant-based and synthetic leather alternatives. The company, headquartered in the Austrian state of Styria develops sustainable solutions for the automotive, furniture and aviation industry. We produce high-quality and highly durable leather furnishings for our customers based on many decades of experience, high-tech manufacturing processes and traditional craftsmanship.

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Leather tanning company from Austria with sites all over the world

In addition to our corporate headquarters with its fully integrated leather tannery in Austria, Wollsdorf also operates five additional production and sales sites located all over the world. We also produce our premium leather goods in China, Croatia and Mexico and offer a direct line of contact to our customers in the United States and Uruguay. Wollsdorf has 1,500 employees worldwide and covers the entire value chain from the development and production of surface materials to leather cutting, covering and sewing of prefabricated components.

Innovation and sustainability

We are striving for a successful future for Wollsdorf and its employees by means of ongoing innovations and the continuous improvement of existing processes – in cooperation with our partners from industry and various research institutes. We remain focussed on the sustainability of new products and solutions and are consistently optimising our processes with a focus on the environment – worldwide at all our locations.

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