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Extend the service life of your leather with our leather care tips

Real leather is a premium natural product. We have compiled a few valuable leather care tips for you that will make it easier to care for your natural leather product so you can enjoy our leather for as long as possible.

  • Protect your leather from direct sunlight, extreme heat and sharp objects.
  • Use a dry cloth for polishing leather.
  • Regularly wipe leather with a moist cloth. Using microfibre cloths is not recommended for cleaning. Avoid soaking the leather.
  • It is best to use distilled or demineralised water without additives. Caution: Although cooked water is free of germs, it nonetheless contains lime. Therefore, it is not suitable as a leather care product.
  • Clean leather in a circular motion with a moist cloth. Do not scrub with force in one spot since this could destroy the surface of the leather.
  • Hair grease can change the colour and haptics of the leather surface, yet contributes to the character of the leather. You should always place a pillow or a different form of underlay under the head if you want to prevent this.
  • Always remove contaminations quickly in order to prevent residue.
  • Avoid chemical cleaning agents that contain solvents like alcohol and benzene. We principally recommend trying out leather care products in a hidden spot in order to prevent damage to visible surface areas.
  • Avoid leather maintenance products that include beeswax as these clog the pores and leave residue behind causing the leather to squeak and creak.
  • Contact your local professional cleaning service in case of severe contaminations with special substances such as grease, tar or dyes.

Only use professional leather maintenance products

Our leather is characterised by high quality. Ingredients in cheaper leather care products often do not meet our requirements. Therefore, you should only use premium and professional cleaning products, which must include the following ingredients or characteristics:

  • We recommend leather care products with a high content of glycerol in order to protect leather from unnecessary strain and drying out.
  • Anti-soiling improves the soiling characteristics of the leather surface.
  • Antioxidants prevent the formation of radicals in leather and significantly slow down the natural ageing process.
  • UV filters protect dye against bleaching.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic: These terms simply mean that the leather care product has water and oil-resistant properties.

Abiding by these leather care tips will allow your leather to age beautifully and gain character over the years.
We are happy to assist you further if you have other questions.

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