Natural leather with highest quality for your application area

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As a leather processing company, we are focussed on individuality in leather manufacturing.
Each customer has specific requirements and wishes that we address in detail during leather processing.


Although our leather has already proven itself over the course of many decades, we continually develop and maintain the latest state of the art in regard to technology and design. From leather tanning to the finished product – together with our partners we are developing future-oriented leather solutions and sustainable products that meet your requirements.

Palpable leather quality for sofas, cars and much more

The final leather quality is already substantially determined at the beginning of raw leather processing. A high leather quality of, e.g., a couch or other furniture items can only be ensured if the initial product, the rawhide, is of high quality. The same is true for the quality of car leather as it substantially contributes to the overall appearance and driving experience. For this reason, we at Wollsdorf rely exclusively on hides from healthy and uninjured animals that are kept under species-appropriate conditions.

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