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Pure driving enjoyment with our steering wheel leather covers

A steering wheel is much more than just the means to an end – it contributes to a multi-sensory driving experience on countless trips. The steering wheel is the MAIN point of contact between human and machine as the driver holds it in his hands over the entire lifetime of the car. This is why quality is the top priority for us since we not only want our leather steering wheel covers to look sophisticated but also to feel good and to be experienced with all senses.

World market leader for steering wheel leather covers

Did you know that we are the world market leader in steering wheel leather?

More than 60 percent of our processed hides are converted into leather steering wheel covers. Ultimately, this means that, thus far since 1990, 60 million drivers have held a leather steering wheel by Wollsdorf Leather in their hands. Even after all these years we continue to improve the quality of our leather products through innovations and cutting-edge technologies – regardless of the model, size or type of leather.

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We develop and produce areal leather as well as cut and sewn parts and components
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