Environmental responsibility

Wollsdorf leather for a clean environment

Nature enthusiasts

Our product consists of pure cowhide leather. In fact, nature is our most valuable asset; therefore, environmental awareness and profitability are not contradictory terms for us. Our production processes fulfill their purpose safely and with the least amount of environmental pollution.
The location of our business has been strategically selected: Our site is surrounded by good infrastructure, which ensures accessibility, but also sufficiently remote as to not burden nearby residential areas. Sourcing our raw material from Central Europe further reduces the environmental strain caused by logistics – and also ensures premium product quality.

European pioneers in environmental matters

In 1997, Wollsdorf Leder as the first tannery worldwide received the environment certificate ISO 14001, which is reissued annually. Wollsdorf Leder has also received many other awards and prizes in recent years, which is a clear indication of our environmental commitment: We received the Austrian environmental Oscar, the Austrian waste avoidance award, the certificate Waterland Styria 2012 – Water Protection , the Blue Angel and ECO2L Energy Controlled Leather.

Efficient use of resources

Throughout our optimized production processes we pay special attention to conserving energy- and raw material resources. The "ECO2L Energy Controlled Leather" award acknowledges our efficient use of energy and the reduction of CO² emissions: Wollsdorf Leder's consumption is 50% below the benchmark of the European industry. We strive to avoid any form of waste and attempt to reuse waste internally as best as possible or add it to further production cycles in some other form. Our efforts have earned us the Austrian waste avoidance award. Waste from our leather production forms the basis for high-value byproducts in the cosmetics-, pharmaceutical-, fertilizer-, feed- and food industry.

A clear conscience

Unavoidable waste is disposed safely with the latest technologies. The in-house sewage treatment plant cleans waste water, and the accumulated sewage sludge is burned while recovering energy. Our internal requirements by far exceed the currently valid European standards. Presently, we fulfill the highest standards within the leather-manufacturing industry. We also strictly adhere to ecological criteria in our selection of suppliers.

Clean wastewater

Wastewater values are checked daily to ensure the observance of standards on every day of the year. On January 1, 2011 Wollsdorf Leder had already fulfilled the requirements of the Wastewater Emissions Regulation for Tanneries two years before the expiry of the term. In 2012, Wollsdorf Leder was the first industrial company in Styria to receive the award "Waterland Styria" in the "Water Protection" category.

Responsible products

Our products as well reflect our attitude towards the environment and nature: Our leather has been designated as eco-leather due to the chrome-free tanning process.

Transparent communication

We do not understand the term environment in a purely ecological sense. Our responsibility also extends to our surroundings, which includes the health and safety of our employees as well as the people outside of the company. We practice an open communication policy and strive for constructive relationships to neighbors, communities, media and all responsible government offices.