Innovation and development

Unique products are created by taking innovative paths

We design the future

Research and development form the basis for premium products and the prospective growth of our company. A spirit of innovation, state-of-the-art testing devices and an elaborate laboratory make it possible to develop alternative manufacturing processes and creative surface structures.

One plus one is four

Customer requirements continue to open up new paths. Both sides profit from new input when we develop products together with our partners. And:  Combining our expertise with the know-how of our partners yields exceptional results, which would have been inconceivable otherwise.

Innovation by Wollsdorf Leder

The developments provided by Wollsdorf Leder continue to advance industrial standards:

Cool leather: The real "king of the road“
Its surface is approximately 20°C cooler in direct sunlight than the surface of traditional leather.
Application area: Leather for motorcycle clothing, steering wheel- and seat coverings
Emotion: Vibrant and natural colors
Reduced dye application enhances the naturalness of the leather and provides exceptional haptic qualities.
Application area: Leather for steering wheel- and seat coverings

Lounge: Impervious to climatic influences
Our "Lounge" leather can also, for the first time, be consistently used outdoors.
Application area: Leather for seat coverings and marine application

Amba Eco FOC: light as a feather
Wollsdorf Leder has developed an innovative product for the aviation industry with a weight reduction of up to –40% compared to standard aircraft leather while maintaining its physical properties such as tensile strength.

Amba Premium: Aniline leather ready for take-off
Amba Premium is a type of aniline leather for the aviation industry. 

Ultra Soft: Feel the character
An exceptionally soft alternatively tanned leather.
The extremely soft yet firmly seamed leather was developed with a specialized re-tanning process.
Application area: Furniture industry