Data & facts

Wollsdorf Leder at a glance

Made in Austria

Our headquarters and our leather factory with a fully integrated tannery are located in Wollsdorf in Austria. The leather produced in Wollsdorf is processed in the high-tech cutting and sewing facilities in Varazdin (Croatia) and Fuzhou (China).

International representation

90% of our leather articles are exported to about 30 different countries. Our company has sales branch establishments in the USA, Hong Kong, China and Australia. An overview of all our locations can be viewed here.

A diverse leather product range

We manufacture premium leather, and specialize in the following application areas:


Besides areal leather, we also offer leather punched parts, leather seat coverings and sewn leather components such as cladding parts. We are also the world market leader for leather steering wheels. Customer-specific solutions promote the uniqueness of our products.

Certified quality assurance

Our requirements include innovation and clean production processes. In fact, we have received many certificates and awards, which demonstrate our commitment in these areas.