Proud of Wollsdorf

Wollsdorf is the first CO2-neutral tannery in Austria

The environment has always been and continues to be an important issue for WOLLSDORF LEDER. Optimal usage of resources such as water, energy and other raw materials as well as environmental compatibility of all processes within the company are of utmost importance to the company, and many projects have been realised in recent years in order to make Wollsdorf Leder locations more sustainable.

Water and energy consumption below the industry benchmark

Water consumption was reduced in recent years through various production optimisations and is now significantly below the benchmark of the leather industry. Energy consumption was also significantly reduced in recent years for the produced quantity, resulting in a total annual saving of nearly 1 gigawatt hour of electricity. The company’s CO2 emissions were even lowered to 50% below the benchmark of the leather industry by only using renewable energies such as water and wind.

Wollsdorf Location is CO2-Neutral

The remaining emissions are neutralised with the purchase of climate certificates, which are used for climate protection projects in the rain forest. Thus, WOLLSDORF LEADER is CO2-neutral at the Wollsdorf location.

In the next years, planned projects will again save approximately 3.5 gigawatt hours (amounts to 10% of our energy needs).

Facts and figures