Wollsdorf Leder in the interior space

We control the entire value chain from tanning, which is one of the oldest cultural achievements of human history, to punching and sewing. This means that we manage the entire process from the acquirement of cowhides selected according to the highest quality criteria to the delivery of, for example, fully processed couch coverings. Wollsdorf Leder has invested much blood, sweat and tears in the perfection of the total process. And this passion is palpable: People get excited every time they sit down, touch or see products that have been manufactured by Wollsdorf Leder.

Our products for the interior space:

  • 221 colors permanently in stock (Austria)
  • Special colors upon request
  • Thicknesses from 0.9 to 3.0 mm
  • Chrome-tanned/Chrome-free (FOC) leather
  • Aniline-/Semi-aniline finish
  • Natural grain/Imprinted
  • Whole hides/Punched parts
  • Sewn coverings
  • Laminated/Concealed parts

Upon request:

  • COOL equipment for reduced material heating in direct sunlight
  • SPS (surface protection system) for better soiling properties
  • ANTI-STATIC equipment – on black leather
  • Scotchgard equipment
  • MEDICAL (anti-bacterial, blood-, urine and disinfectant-proof, SPS finish)
  • Fire-protection equipment [according to FAR 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part I (a), (I), (II)]
  • Perforated/Non-perforated