Leather has become indispensable as a material for interior design. It provides excellent application properties and unsurpassed aesthetics. We are constantly improving the characteristics of our upholstery leather as we develop new designs. Wollsdorf Leder supplies well-known furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Object space

We are able to cover the entire object market with qualitative leather due to our high-quality and varied stock program.

Solutions for object space:
We offer various types of leather such as Paloma, Mammut, Finesse, Eurosoft, Euroglazed, Paloma in over 200 colors for office chairs, lounge furniture, representative seating furniture, wall claddings and much more.

Please refer to our stock program for more details.

Home space

Many years of experience in development and production allows Wollsdorf Leder to provide sophisticated customers with high-quality leather and first-class comfort for the home space. Naturalness and suppleness are distinguishing features of our leather. Escape the hectic of everyday life and feel at home on Wollsdorf leather.

Solutions for the home space:
Leather with accentuated pebbled grain or imprints such as Alpin 88, saddle leather, Oslo, Paloma, Mammut, Nappa Exclusive etc. for chairs, benches, couches, all types of upholstery furniture and much more. No limits are imposed on the creative process.

Please refer to our stock programfor more details.