Wollsdorf upholstery leather is unique

Living in or furnishing a space with Wollsdorf Leder means bringing a piece of nature into your home that has maintained its natural characteristics. People who choose leather furniture love the extraordinary. This is precisely why renowned furniture manufacturers, architects and interior Designers have acquired premium upholstery leather from Wollsdorf Leder for decades. They appreciate the superb quality and broad color spectrum of our current upholstery leather stock program, which ensures delivery at short notice and in small quantities.

Industrial furniture manufacturers primarily see Wollsdorf Leder as a flexible and reliable supplier of upholstery leather – and as a supplier that also provides customer-specific solutions. All manufacturers share an uncompromising commitment to exclusivity, which is also expressed in the choice of business partners.

Dependable quality for upholstery leather

Creating a sense of excitement and comfort in a specific living situation requires more than attractive design and high-quality materials: It implies a measure of security that can only be guaranteed by ideally processed upholstery leather. Therefore, our production harmoniously combines effective surface protection with quality factors such as breathability, warmth and grain texture. This provides a secure foundation for new living ideas.