World champions in steering wheel coverings

Nothing enhances the joy of driving like a leather-covered steering wheel. No other car leather has to withstand the same amount of wear. The driver constantly grips the leather steering wheel throughout the entire life cycle of the car – which on average amounts to 200,000 km or more. Besides seat- and foot pedals, the steering wheel is the main point of contact between man and machine and therefore an extremely important component. The high sensitivity in our fingers feels the quality of the leather, which inevitably results in sensations of pleasure.

More than 60 million people own a car equipped with a leather steering wheel by Wollsdorf Leder

Technology leader Wollsdorf Leder has risen to the challenge and successfully produced a leather steering wheel. The company has earned the right to call itself the world champion of steering wheel coverings as more than 60 percent of its entire production are used to process leather steering wheel strips. Since 1990, more than 60 million people have purchased a vehicle with a steering wheel covered in Wollsdorf leather.

We have extensive expertise with steering wheels. This especially applies to all models and sizes as well as to leather qualities and ornamental seams.