Technology provides benefits for airbags

The airbag, as once the seatbelt, has revolutionized passenger safety. Wollsdorf Leder has sustainably changed the application possibilities for airbag leather coverings with innovative technologies: The perfection of the undercut technology has given automotive designers completely new styling dimensions. Wollsdorf Leder has squared the circle – perfect function, perfect design.

Design variety

Airbags for drivers and front-seat passengers have become an indispensable matter of course. Seams are no longer necessary due to the undercut leather technology, which ensures that the leather will tear at the predetermined breaking point. This innovative technology has made it possible to manufacture leather coverings for airbag units without visible seams. The automotive industry was eager to take advantage of this possibility: Around 850 airbag caps are manufactured at Wollsdorf Leder's production facilities every day.

Total airbag solutions

Wollsdorf Leder offers total solutions for leather airbags from one source. The customer provides the design concept, and we convert the idea into a finished product.