Aircraft seat coverings by
Wollsdorf Leder

Wollsdorf Leder ensures exceptional comfort for aircraft passengers high above the clouds. Just as other special types of leathers, aircraft leather poses immense challenges for development and production. However, Wollsdorf Leder is ideally positioned to fulfill the requirements of airlines in regard to leather furnishings since we control the entire manufacturing process from the selection of rawhides to the finished seat covering.

Certified quality

As partner to many large-scale airlines, Wollsdorf Leder ensures that passengers all over the world can enjoy the exceptional comfort, authentic and convenience of genuine aircraft leather as they travel high above the clouds. Manufacturers of smaller private airplanes, who also value exclusive aircraft seat coverings, have relied on the premium quality of our aircraft leather for over 20 years, a quality that has been certified according to EN 9100 since 2007.

Wollsdorf Leder offers an all-in-one solution for its customers in the aviation business. We develop and supply genuine leather, cut leather parts, finished components and sewn seat coverings for aircraft. Multiple production locations in Europe and Asia and a worldwide network of cooperation partners ensure quick local support throughout the entire project.

Safety features of aircraft leather

Safety is obviously of great importance for air travel. Therefore, all of our aircraft leather has fire-protection characteristics, i.e. it does not burn and fulfills the specifications of the vertical flame test according to FAR 25.853 (a) (ii), the smoke-density test according to FAR 25.853 (d) Appendix F, Part V and the toxicity test according to ABD0031/ATM 3.0005. This is our contribution to air travel safety.

Lightness – lightweight leather INNOVATION – Amba Eco

Wollsdorf Leder has succeeded in producing aircraft leather with a patented production procedure that is 40% lighter than the commonly used leather. Airlines annually save up to $ 30,000 in fuel consumption due to the reduction in weight.

Amba Eco, specifically designed for aircraft seat coverings, is chrome-tanned or optionally available as chrome-free. Amba Eco is also equipped with the SPS finish, which greatly improves the soiling characteristics of leather and makes it easier to clean. SPS is anti-bacterial, mold resistant and does not require subsequent impregnation throughout its entire life cycle.

Wollsdorf Leder's light leather has been successfully used worldwide by well-known airlines.