Perfection characterizes our leather

Our mission is to produce high-quality products with a unique "character". And we leave nothing to chance.

Raw material – Carefully selected

Choosing the right raw material is crucially important. Leather is a natural product. Maintaining the surface structure of the hides is especially important for achieving natural elegance and individual aesthetics. As with almost no other product, the raw material determines the end result to a very high degree. Therefore, we take special care in our selection of premium cowhides. We source most of our raw material from areas that have distinguished themselves as traditional animal husbandry regions: the Alpine region and Central Europe. We also select our suppliers with care and strictly adhere to ecological criteria.

Manufacturing process – Production with highest sophistication

For us, quality is also the result of a sophisticated manufacturing process. For this reason, our production includes all steps from the rawhide to the finished sewn part, everything from one source.
An efficient quality assurance throughout the entire value chain ensures above-average delivery reliability and guarantees premium leather quality.

The customer – Focal point of all our activities

Customer proximity is of primary importance in our customer relationships. Our core values include the development of high-quality solutions in consultation with our customers, the flexibility to provide customized products and absolute on-schedule delivery.