Natural leather product

Natural leather

The natural value of leather

Nature has already left its distinctive mark on leather long before the conceptions of designers take shape. The abundance of individual skin characteristics makes each piece unique.

Leather with character

Animals are subject to various external influences in their natural environment. Wounds, insect bites, manure contact, these eventualities leave their mark on the leather and provide irrefutable proof for the product’s realness – stamped with nature's certificate.
Quality leather is leather that has maintained its naturalness and shows no flaws in the end product – our hides generally do not have branding marks on them and possess an exceptionally good and smooth skin structure.

Real leather is healthy

Premium exclusive leather - as produced by Wollsdorf - is skin-friendly and free of harmful materials. Leather, in contrast to textiles, is especially hygienic since dust cannot penetrate the surface material. It is naturally breathable - all processing variants retain the capacity for constant air- and moisture exchange.
In contrast to imitation leather, real leather adapts to temperatures and the humidity of the environment and is also particularly elastic and durable.