European Leather
Association COTANCE

Andreas Kindermann new President

Over the next two years Wollsdorf Leather CEO Mr. Kindermann takes over the Presidency of the European Leather Association COTANCE.

The „Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community“ – COTANCE – with its head office in Brussels, is the representative body of the European Leather Industry. For additional information please go to

Mr. Kindermann’s primary objective is to improve the image of leather and to protect the term leather: „For Europe’s leather industry with its high quality products it is very important to have harmonized European-wide Regulations with clear and common rules for the designation of leather. For consumers it should be possible to identify leather as such and it is important to protect them from counterfeit leather products. I am committed to doing everything possible to implement this as soon as possible and I pledge to continue working on improving the image of the European leather.“

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Photo: Mr. Kindermann (on the left) takes over the
Presidency of COTANCE from Mr. Thomas Bee (Germany)
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